June 25, 2024

Goliath Cranes For Different Industries and Supplier Specialization

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Industry-specific Goliath cranes offer specialized features to meet your material handling needs. From car engines at an assembly line to heavy steel at a shipyard, these large systems handle huge loads for seamless efficiency and elevated productivity.

Choose a specialist supplier to customize your crane with a varying level of load-carrying capacity. Read on to learn more about the industries that rely on these industrial travelling cranes:

Steel Manufacturing

Goliath cranes are the unsung heroes of heavy industries, lifting and moving massive loads with ease. They are used in steel manufacturing plants, shipbuilding yards, and construction sites to manage materials and machinery. As such, they must be designed to meet the unique requirements of these industries. This requires partnering with specialized suppliers that understand the nuances of each industry and can provide customized systems for their clients.

Goliath Cranes For Different Industries are designed to handle the most challenging lifting jobs in industrial environments, increasing companies’ productivity and efficiency. They are also made to last, assuring long-term dependability with no fuss and minimal upkeep. These industrial giants are built with toughness and accuracy in mind, ensuring that they can handle huge gear and bulky components without damaging them or hurting workers.

They can be equipped with a single girder design or double girder design to accommodate varying levels of load-carrying capacity. Additionally, they can be outfitted with a single master-and-slave operational setup to minimize safety risks. These cranes are also engineered to be flexible in a range of spaces, enabling efficient movement between production zones. In addition, they can be a great choice for use in steel stockyards, pre-cast segment yards and other outdoor applications.


Goliath cranes are built to lift and move massive loads of material across vast spaces. They excel in lifting capacities and heights, overcoming material handling challenges for industries like shipping and construction to streamline supply chains and enhance efficiency and productivity. They’re designed to be a workhorse that can carry heavy equipment and machinery, while keeping workers safe and secure.

When choosing a Goliath crane supplier, look for one with experience in your industry. Specialized suppliers will understand your unique safety and regulatory requirements and provide a custom-tailored crane to meet your needs. They can also help you maintain your equipment to prevent downtime and reduce cost.

In the shipbuilding industry, goliath gantry cranes play an essential role in building and maintaining vessels. These large-scale cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads above ground level and are usually used on shipyards to construct entire ships, or even to lift complete ship blocks. They can also be used on docks and in coal mines to load and unload vessels or machines, ensuring the safety of workers.

The Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, is home to two of the world’s largest goliath cranes: Samson and Goliath. Both are located at the entrance to Belfast Lough and can be seen from all over the city. They were originally built by Krupp in Germany, but now are owned and operated by HHLA. The goliath cranes have a combined capacity of over 600,000 DWT and can accommodate ships up to 400,000 DWT. They are used to load and unload cargo including raw materials, huge gear, and bulky components for the construction of vessels.

Oil & Gas

Whether you’re working on a construction project or in the oil & gas industry, it’s important to select a Goliath crane that meets your specific requirements. Look for a supplier that has extensive experience in your industry and knows the ins and outs of your equipment. They’ll be able to provide you with a solution that’s optimized for your needs, and they’ll also have the necessary expertise to ensure that the system is safe for use.

In shipbuilding, the growing size of LNG tankers and container vessels is driving the demand for these ocean mammoths to be built faster and more efficiently. GE’s sophisticated Goliath crane technology is helping Dalian Shipyard meet these demands, while meeting stringent safety and environmental standards.

Goliath gantry cranes are designed for heavy duty applications like in shipyards and container depots. They’re available in a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate a wide variety of loads. These large cranes have a unique design that allows them to move in all three axes, making them perfect for lifting and moving massive, bulky loads. They have a fail-safe mechanism that engages mechanical brakes in case of power failure, preventing the load from falling down.

These huge systems are also used in construction projects, such as tunnel segment casting shops and curing yards. For example, on the Crossrail development in London, Street Crane supplied six ten-tonne single girder cranes for de-moulding and transportation of tunnel segments to the curing yard.


Goliath cranes are used in a variety of construction projects. From constructing building structures to transporting heavy machinery, these huge cranes are capable of handling loads that exceed normal capacity. These cranes are typically equipped with a trolley that is built on top of a statement gantry. This design makes them easy to move and work in areas where overhead cranes are not feasible or where the existing structure cannot support wheel loads of an overhead crane system. In addition, these gantry cranes are cost-effective and can be easily relocated after a job at a site is complete.

Specialized suppliers have the ability to tailor Goliath cranes for different industries. For example, shipbuilding industries rely on these large machines for lifting and assembling the colossal sections of ships. This requires specialized designs that can withstand the corrosive environments and the immense weight of ship components. Goliath cranes are also used in steel manufacturing to handle molten metal and fabricated parts. This requires a heat-resistant crane that can withstand the harsh conditions of the industry.

Additionally, the aerospace industry specializes in lightweight aircraft components and engines. These delicate pieces require the precision and delicacy of a goliath crane. This is why it is crucial to select a supplier that has extensive experience in the industry. They understand the specific requirements of each sector and can tailor their solutions to meet or even exceed safety standards.

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